71860578_0a8934210b.jpg?v=0Last night on Hannity and Colmes, Newt Gingrich was babbling on and on about how the 5-4 Heller decision proves just how "liberal" the Court is, how far they’ve "drifted away from the Constitution in recent years" and, therefore, how important it is to elect Republicans and how this all helps McSame (sorry, no transcript or video yet avail — will post when it is).

Sure enough, this meme is all over Wingnutland today.

Sam Brownback:

"I think it raises the significance of who’s elected president on whether or not your Second Amendment rights will be protected as an individual right, given the narrowness of that decision."


There’s no substitute for winning elections. The 5-4 conservative-liberal lineup (admittedly, with one of the four being a Bush, Sr. appointee) shows this…My guess is that, if the McCain campaign is smart about this, it can make this an important linchpin of its fundraising…


I think this gun thing’s going to help McCain.

So let’s review:

  • Roberts: appointed by a Republican
  • Scalia: appointed by a Republican
  • Alito: appointed by a Republican
  • Thomas: appointed by a Republican
  • Stevens: appointed by a Republican
  • Kennedy: appointed by a Republican
  • Souter: appointed by a Republican
  • Ginsburg: appointed by a libtard
  • Breyer: appointed by a Marxist-Leninist

So by my count, that’s 7 Republican-appointed judges to 2 Maoists. OMG the Court is teeming with liberals OMG OMG!!!!!

There’s just something totally surreal about wingnuts running around every time the Court makes a decision and screaming about how liberal it is and how we’re just one election away from the SCOTUS making guns illegal or giving jihadis the vote or making sodomy mandatory or whatever nightmare scenario meme they’re pushing that week — when it’s their forking Court.

I know these people love to play the oppressed victim, but that act is getting really stale.

Blue Texan

Blue Texan