Me, Bob Barr and FISA

(Word has it that voting on FISA will be delayed until after the July 4 holiday, thanks to Russ Feingold…again. Thanks, Russ — jh)

Bob Barr and I did Bloggingheads TV yesterday. Though he may not know it, Bob was largely responsible for my entree into blogging…the frustration of the impeachment hearings and the 2000 vote recount were the events that convinced me of the critical need for online organizing on the left and an alternative to conglomerate control of the media.

It couldn’t have come on a better day, either, because for all his reactionary social positions, Bob (he says I can call him Bob) is great on FISA which we discuss in the above clip. (You can view the whole thing here.)

He’s currently pushing to be included in the fall debates, which is good for us for several reasons:

1) He could be a spoiler for McCain in Georgia, potentially putting that state in play for Obama. Bob says he’s currently polling at 8% there, and 22% with social conservatives.

2) He’s also a potential spoiler for McCain in Alaska.

3) If Barr ain’t in the debates to talk about FISA and the erosion of our civil liberties, suffice to say it won’t be discussed.

I invited Bob to come on FDL and discuss this union of conservative Libertarians and liberal bloggers whose interests overlap when it comes to FISA, and we hope to have him soon.

If you’d like to help Bob be included in the debates this fall, you can call the Commission on Presidential Debates at CPD at (202) 872-1020.

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