Whatever Doesn’t Kill Me Can Only Make Me Stronger

I’m on a 4 p.m. deadline for the Washington Independent but needed to say something. So the piece I’m writing is on Amnesty International’s current anti-Guantanamo Bay campaign, which involves bringing a replica of David Hicks’ GTMO cell to the National Mall. I went down there this afternoon, started scribbling in my notebook, walked over to the faux-cell and noticed this guy taking some digital video who looked kind of… familiar. And dude: it was former GTMO Army chaplain CPT James Yee! Like totally randomly. He was kind enough to talk to me for my piece, which I really need to finish.

But first, speaking of extremely nice people who’ve been through ordeals (though this isn’t remotely on the scale that Yee’s was and the more I think about it the less appropriate that transition is but I really need to get back to work so laterz for the delete key), Kanye West responds to his Bonnaroooooo haters on his blog. DListed continues to hate but fuck them. Kanye West, in addition to being a national treasure, is also very pro-blogger.

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Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman