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Robocalls to Steny Hoyer on Telecom Immunity

We’ve now raised almost $320,000 in our PAC to make politicians accountable for their votes to give the telecoms retroactive immunity.

On Friday we told you about ads going up in the Washington Post that hold Steny Hoyer accountable for brokering this horrible bill, paid for by these donations. Today Color of Change and Blue America have robocalls going out to Hoyer’s constituents, recorded by Reverend Lennox Yearwood who is from the district. It’s an outrage that ordinary people have to suffer the full burden of an inequitable justice system, and the human rights violations committed in a tyrannical prison system, and Steny works his little fingers to the nub making sure the telecoms never have to answer for the crime of invading the privacy of American citizens, now or in the future.

And we’re not done yet. If you keep going, we’ll keep going. We’ll be announcing more plans soon but if you’d like more, you can join our effort by donating here.

(video by Dean M.)

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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