Are there no workhouses?

I fucking hate everyone

La Malkin:

Whiners of the day

By Michelle Malkin • June 25, 2008 12:25 AM

Boo-hoo: High gas prices caused our mommy to cancel our “cabel” tv because she didn’t have enough “monny,” say two sisters who held a protest in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Fewer cartoons–and time for more spelling lessons.

Sounds good to me.

From the linked article:

When a daily dose of Hannah Montana became impossible, the Vance sisters knew it was time to take to the streets.

Sadie, 9, and her sister Pyper, 7, marched around downtown Salt Lake City chanting, "Lower the gas prices," while carrying homemade signs. The sisters decided to protest after losing their favorite cable TV shows when their mother, Michelle, had to sacrifice cable TV to pay for her daily commute.


The girls recycled old campaign signs and wrote their own messages. "All of my mom’s monny[sic] goes to the gas tank!" proclaimed Pyper’s.

Yes. Michelle Malkin is now picking on seven and nine year-old little girls.

It all starts so innocently. One day you feel compelled to stalk the family of a crippled 12 year-old and soon you find that you can’t get that self-righteous "high" without going after someone else’s kids; the younger the better. That’s right: you’ve got a "toddler" on your back and, next thing you know, you find yourself hanging around nursery schools, leaping out from behind bushes and giving four year-olds and their nannies the finger before jumping into your mini-van and fleeing the scene. The downward spiral continues until one day you storm a sperm bank in some nondescript office park, take hostages, and demand that all of the "deposits" be rounded up and brought into the lobby so that you can scream at them

A SWAT team will be called.

This will not end well…

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