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And now, from the I Wish I Had Thought of it Sooner department….

Wow, what a first diary entry–but, oh well, got to start somewhere. I wish I had thought about this in time to mention it to Autumn before her trip to the hearing. It would have  been a great opportunity to get the word out about this.

Between the ongoing discussions about the intersection of politics and religion and the hearing on transgenders in the workplace, I have been thinking a great deal about the Union of Reform Judaism Religious Action Center and their position on inclusive ENDA. Read an exerpt of the RAC Legislative Action Alert below.Religious Action Center, Chai Legislative Action Alert EXERPT

Support Workplace Equality for GLBT Americans

Urge your Senator to Make Civil Rights a Priority!


The House of Representatives recently passed the federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), which would protect gay, lesbian and bisexual employees from workplace discrimination, providing certain exemptions for religious organizations, small businesses and the military.

Critics claim that ENDA would grant “special rights” to gay and lesbian workers, but the reality is that this bill offers equality, giving gay and lesbian employees the same federal rights as their coworkers – rights they are currently denied. Only 17 states have implemented employment policies that protect GLBT workers, despite polls that show that a majority of the American public supports similar federal legislation. ENDA has been introduced in past Congresses, and in 1996 came just one vote shy of passing the Senate. More than a decade later, the time is past due for this bill to become law.

We have the opportunity to right the historical wrong of employment discrimination by providing equal workplace rights to members of the GLBT community and go beyond the House bill by including protections based on gender identity.

Read the full quote and pass on the interactive form letter


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