Girl Shake That Laffy Taffy

Yes that’s right. The new Girl Talk is out.

If you’re not familiar with Girl Talk’s classic Night Ripper album, don’t worry: like Michael Jackson, you are not alone. While the rest of humanity downloaded it last year, I picked it up like a month ago. I’m walking up to people like, You have to hear this Girl Talk record! It’s like the highest level of mashup! And they’re all, "Would you also like to try on these brand-new British Knights and HyperColor shirts? Should we have a conversation about how extreme Dan Cortese is?" So I was sonned.

But not anymore! Feed The Animals is brand new and perfect. To describe it as a mashup record is like saying Picasso really liked blue at one point. You want to hear Temple of the Dog vs. Lil Wayne? 50 vs. Cat Stevens? "Drink & My 2 Step" vs. "All That She Wants"? This is my housewarming present to you, FDL.

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Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman