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Eeks! Teh Gayz Use Mayo!!!

From Americablog:…

Imagine- a commercial where a gay couple is, um… boring and normal, like modern day Cleavers? And live regular lives? And raise children?

Oh no– can’t have THAT now, can we Billo??  Oh, I get it… we can’t have a family shown where they care for each other. Because of course, gayz can’t raise healthy children, can they??

Eeks! The boy called the man fixing his lunch “Mum”! One man called another “Luv”! Aigh! The world is starting to crumble….

GAH. Enough. Billo, STFU and stop your own madness. NOW.

It’s bad enough that this cretin is on American TV every day, spouting off his lunacy- now he can get commercials for Heitz mayo, that he hasn’t even SEEN YET, pulled off the air because of his personal bigotry.

In England. The commercial isn’t even in America. I wish it was; it is cute and charming.

FauxNews: spreading its own version of “Fair and Balanced” across the pond and beyond….

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