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Duanna Johnson: The tip of a “tremendous number” of cases in Memphis

This post comes from The Bilerico Project’s managing editor, Alex Blaze.

I just got off the phone with Murray Wells, the lawyer representing Duanna Johnson. You might remember Johnson from the video last week of her being held down by one cop and beaten by another.

After the incident she was charged with assault for defending herself against officer Bridges McRae (the one who was beating her with the handcuffs). That was dropped. The prostitution charge, what she was originally picked up for, was also dropped.

The officer who held her down was let go because he was still in his first year of work. McRae will have a hearing tomorrow about his future at the department. The FBI is investigating a possible civil rights violation, and Wells said, “I’m optimistic that he’ll be indicted.” If charged, he’ll face prison time.

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