Buy Low Sell High: A Prescription To Drop Gas Prices In 30 Days

Seventy percent – the amount of trading in key oil futures considered speculative, according to some industry experts… this info, before House Energy and Commerce Committee, as it weighs options to slow down speculation in crude… estimates are that oil prices could come down 50% in less than 30 days if Congress took action…

Meanwhile… coal prices remain high due to tight supply… prepare yourself for “sticker shock” this summer when you open your electric bill…

“Placebo” – the word Public Citizen Health Research has for Barack Obama’s health care proposal… How do you curtail massive cost overruns for state subsidies of care” asks Public Citizen which reports that 6 of 10 docs support national health insurance. What is it going to take?! US health care #1 only in how much it spends.

Ken Phillips quoted in Harper’s on what he sees as the forthcoming McCain years: “With McCain, you would have this old cranky man who doesn’t concentrate all that well. He’s very opinionated. The Democrats will provoke the hell out of him. However, they wouldn’t have the burden of governing, which don’t’ do terribly well. They’ll leave him to screw it up.” Sound familiar?

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