Oh man. Another move. I’m like the blogosphere’s Rickey Henderson. In more ways than one.

I mean, hi! Hello, FDL! How great is that logo Caz designed, huh? I’m Spencer Ackerman, national security correspondent for The Washington Independent, the future of investigative journalism. For a very long time, I’ve been eyeing Jane & the crew from across the blogosphere’s proverbial lunchroom, too shy to make a bid to hang out with the badass kids. Well, no more: Attackerman has left its gracious hosts at ThinkProgress, and Jane — like many here, an O.G. punk rocker — has welcomed me over to talk about records. And by "records," I mean national security, Iraq, punk rock, the war on terrorism, counterinsurgency, Top Chef, baseball, basement hardcore, Afghanistan, R. Kelly, the perfidies of conservatism, public embarrassment and other such pursuits, all while employing occasionally-gratuitous-but-kind-of-charming profanity. It’s Attackerman 2: Da Drought Is Over. We did it, Jane!

To get something out of the way: I love ThinkProgress, Faiz Shakir, John Podesta, the Center for American Progress and all affiliates. There is no beef. Already the streets are saying that I was fired. While I understand why people might think that, I wasn’t. See this post for an explanation. Me and CAP just weren’t the right fit. It was like when Snoop went to No Limit. But like Heavy D said, I got nuttin’ but love for them.

Last thing and then we’ll get into it. See that headline? That’s a Jay-Z lyric. All my headlines are lyrics. I find it adds a certain something to my posts. Please don’t be offended. If you don’t recognize a lyric, may I suggest Googling it? Chances are you’ll find a song you’ll enjoy, and you’ll also get to see how excellent my taste in music is. You’re welcome!

Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman