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If You Can’t Use a Computer, How Can You Be President?

.thumbnail.jpegI’m at the Personal Democracy Forum in New York and during the last session, Tracy Russo (formerly of the Edwards campaign, with me in the photo) got into it with Mark Soohoo of the McCain campaign. Tracy wondered how someone who doesn’t use a computer can be president of the United States.

Mark said that someone doesn’t have to know how to use a computer in order to understand them. Tracy said most emphatically that you do, and that someone who is going to be expected to lead the country through the social, political, economic and communication upheavals that are happening as a result of the changes in computer and online technology very much needs to be able to use one.

In the midst of the thundering applause for Tracy, you kind of just wanted to tell the poor guy to give it up, there’s no winning this one but I guess that’s his job.

Ana Marie Cox is now talking about how all her colleagues at Swampland were so completely thrown by their commenters when they started blogging. They were all running around saying "Joe Klein was subdued by the commenters." He was at first sort of defiant but then he started listening to them. Two thoughts: 1) happens to all of us, Joe, and 2) I guess that makes Jay Ackroyd and Attaturk online dragon slayers.

On another note: You think one day the Joe Lieberman Weekly will find a way to write about me without being just plain wrong?

Let’s recap:

  • 1) Accuse me of not writing about something because Markos told me not to. In reality I hadn’t blogged for a week because my mom was dying. Mom dies the next day.
  • 2) Accuse me of mis-transcribing Joe Lieberman’s words to make him look bad. I took the transcript from Fox News site. When I point that out, Lieberman contacts Fox News and makes them change it. Then Joe Lieberman Weekly goes into high dudgeon and adds a footnote, adding the newly revised transcript as evidence of their claim.
  • Now it’s my…hair. "Newly platinum blonde?" After my hair fell out from chemo, it has in fact grown back in. I’m pretty happy about that, but after having been without, I think most people would be. And despite the fact that I’ve never set foot in the place before this morning, I also seem to be responsible for the fancy place the conference is being held in.

Oh well, at least my patron saint isn’t on Fox News calling Obama a member of Hamas 24/7 and getting ready to speak at the Republican National Convention. I guess that would tend to make one a bit bruised, bitter and sullen as a matter of course.

I really can’t wait til Spencer gets here. Spencer has had his own TNR experience.

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