Words fail, sometimes:


Mineola, Texas is a typically small conservative U.S. town, filled with more than 30 churches. But what prosecutors say happened in that rural hamlet is anything but typical. In fact, it's more like something out of a nightmare.

As the trial of Patrick Kelly (top left) begins this week at the local courthouse, it revives memories of a terrible taint the place with a population of just 5,100 may never live down. He's accused of participating in a “show” that used drugs and the innocence of children to have them perform sexual acts in front of adults.

This is heartbreaking. I have to wonder if the Phelps clan will be picketing there in this week's Circuit-of-the-Unhinged. I wonder if any one of the countless people getting rich by running anti-gay organizations will take a moment from queer-bashing to lament on what has happened in Mineola. 

Somehow I doubt it. I never even heard of this story until this morning – and this horrible trial is already at the sentencing segment, so it was obviously discovered some time ago.

This story is like something you would hear about in under-developed countries, and yet look at the amount of bleating we continue to hear about Teh Gay Menace compared to about a few days of coverage of this issue, mostly during the trial and sentencing. 

Tomorrow, this horrible story will be “yesterday's news” and yet the scars the children will bear are real – and wil last a lifetime, even with the best counseling to be had.

Why do the haters continue to make the wrong people out to be demons? 





Julien Sharp

Julien Sharp