It’s another Sunday morning – and I am screening news.  Went over to AOL and read one of their main news stories about McCain and Obama and their fund raising race.  Sounded different from what CNN has to say.  Besides very different headlines, the difference in the final take away of the two stories couldn’t be bigger.  AOL mainly omits the main point: Obama can take the primary money with him – McCain can’t.

That somehow sparked my interest and I tried to find out whether there is any type of selective journalism (well, if I had a coffee yet I might have called this self-censoring I guess) going on. Keep in mind that it was AOL who hired Mary Cheney – lesbian mother, conservative, and supportive daughter of anti gay VP Dick Cheney – as an executive.

So I conducted a (not so scientific) experiment and searched some major news sites for the words ‘Cheney Lesbian’ (tried the same with ‘Mary Cheney’ – similar results) to find out whether some information on AOL might be biased or even missing.  Interestingly enough:

Search on CNN: more that 10 pages of results

Search on Google News:  39 results

Search on FOX: Yes, even our friends over at Faux News have 6 pages of search results.

Search on AOL News: ZERO results – oops.

Point proven I am afraid.

Said to see another – formerly innovative – company being taken over by conservatives and joining ebay.