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Steny Hoyer FISA Ad To Run in Washington Post


Color of Change and Blue America PAC teamed up to run the above ad in the Washington Post, placing the blame for the FISA travesty in the House squarely where it belongs — on the shoulders of Steny Hoyer. It will appear next Thursday.

Our prisons are a mess. The drug laws are tremendously inequitable. And what does Steny Hoyer spend his time doing? Dispensing amnesty for high-dollar telecom donors, giving the Bush Administration more than they asked for, and covering his own ass for looking the other way in the face of abject criminal behavior for the past eight years.

This is just the beginning. We’ve now raised over $266,000 and we’re working hard to put it to good use, and make sure a price is exacted for this abuse of the public trust. You can help by donating here.

(Advertising Graphic Design by The Seminal)

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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