In Minnesota last night, McSame unveiled a new criteria for determining when the occupation of Iraq will end:

“If they (terrorists) were done, I would say come home immediately,” he said.

So we’ve gone from staying 100 years to 10,000 years (see the video on the left) to it doesn’t really matter how long we stay — to when some unidentified group of people known as "they" are "done" with … something.

Very straight-talky!

If the reporter is right, McSame is recycling the same old Bush/Cheney rhetoric in which all the problems in Iraq can be blamed on "terrorists." And if by "they" he meant the troops, which is certainly possible given the context, what exactly does "done" mean — other than, presumably, "when I say we’ve found the pony"?

Totally incoherent.

Still, McSame has obviously passed the Commander-in-Chief threshold, so we should listen very carefully to him when it comes to national security.

Blue Texan

Blue Texan