The AP’s Liz Sidoti runs what can only be described as a mash note to John McCain. She attempts to rip Barack Obama a new one over his decision to opt out of public financing:

And with that, the first-term Illinois senator tarnished his carefully honed image as a different kind of politician — one who means what he says and says what he means — while undercutting his call for "a new kind of politics."

Oh, how nice — how quaint. And then it gets really insufferable:

Overall, the race between Obama and McCain amounts to an authenticity

We’ve got $4 a gallon gas, the economy is in the tank, a gigantic housing crisis, and, of course a phony war for phony goals and phony perpetual phony victories costing us $12 billion a month but for our media it’s still a "personality" contest.

God help them if they actually talk about the damned issues and the candidates positions. You know "reporting".

And who the hell is Liz Sidoti to talk?

The Jed Report chronicles Liz Sidoti’s objectivity (see video above):

I wouldn’t waste my time or yours with Sidoti’s nonsense, but there’s an amusing story to tell involving her that’s just too good not to share. It goes back to April 14, when both John McCain and Barack Obama appeared at an event for newspaper editors hosted by the AP.

At the event, the head of AP addressed Barack as "Osama" while John McCain was given a box of Dunkin’ Donuts — with sprinkles. And coffee, with a little cream and a little sugar. By none other than Liz Sidoti.

It get’s worse:

"We spend quite a bit of time with you on the back of the Straight Talk Express asking you questions, and what we’ve decided to do today was invite everyone else along on the ride," Sidoti explained. "We even brought you your favorite treat."

[Let us pause so you can ‘INSERT JOKE HERE’]…and now we return you to our regular posting…

McCain opened the offering. "Oh, yes, with sprinkles!" he said.

Sidoti passed him a cup. "A little coffee with a little cream and a little sugar," she said.

Missing from the article is any mention of the fact that McCain has financed his campaign by breaking FEC election laws, as Jane noted yesterday and as Josh Marshall notes:

I want to return to this subject though because this is not hyperbole or some throw away line. He’s really doing it. McCain opting into public financing, accepted the spending limits and then profited from that opt-in by securing a campaign saving loan. And then he used some clever, but not clever enough lawyering, to opt back out. And the person charged with saying what flies and what doesn’t — the Republican head of the FEC — said he’s not allowed to do that. He can’t opt out unilaterally unless the FEC says he can.

Meanwhile, nothing Obama has done is illegal in any fashion. If you looked for that in Sidoti’s article, you would be looking in vain.


With sprinkles.



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