You just got to love Portland Oregon!

It’s another beautiful day in the neighborhood, would ya, would ya be my neighbor?

So I do live in Portland Oregon, where it’s common to see cars with a familiar black and yellow bumper sticker that decries, “Keep Portland Weird”.

I’m not so sure I agree that Portland should be kept weird per se, but I can you it’s really a wonderful thing to be out and about in Portland Fucking Oregon! (another local saying seen on many a tee shirt)

Yesterday, I had to go downtown. Something I try to avoid due to all the construction. Parking is tough to find on the street but there is always a garage or lot nearby. There’s always the Trimet bus system which works really well IMO, but for me  it’s at times easier just to take the car for an expensive spin every now and then. Especially when I have a bunch of errands to run like I did today.

Downtown Portland, I was walking to my first errand of the day at Nordstom’s department store. The clerk was at the store that helped me was wearing eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, lipstick and foundation. But I was not sure which pronoun to use. Not that matters one iota. But as I waited to be helped I was watching the reaction of the other customers. More accurately the total lack of reaction at this admittedly high end department store to this totally, for lack of better or more appropriate descriptor, gender queer possibly androgynous person.

Having taken care of my errand there it was off to do some grocery shopping. I can’t just shop at one market. It’s a minimum of two and sometimes more than three.

As I drive towards my first grocery store, I see a trans woman waiting for the bus. How do I know? like gaydar, trans people can spot a sister or brother a mile away.

At the grocery store, a large chain type store, I get my goods and head to the checkout stand. The clerk here is a trans woman and her name tag denotes she is a manager of the store.

As I pass by a City of Portland government building I think about how long it’s been since I’ve chatted with my friend who works there. I also think about that as I pass a major wireless communications building and medical clinic. All where a City official, an upper corporate management person, and a Doctor work who all happen to be trans.

On to the next grocery store, another large chain  in the Northwest. As I walk down the isle, I stop to chat briefly with two more trans folk I know, Just a little chit chat about how the family is and what they did during pride.

With that done I’m off to my last stop for groceries. It’s a smaller chain and is a favorite of Portlanders, known for their two buck chuck wine selection.

As I pull into the parking lot and walk towards the store, my state senator and soon to be Oregon Secretary of State and openly out queer woman who’s totally endorsed by the Victory Fund stop to  exchange hugs and talk about groceries.

I get my little red basket of goodies from the aisles of the store and head to the check out. Yep, I’m in line right behind another trans woman I know. Again we chat about the weather and what we did at pride.

Really no specific point to this post. Just a bunch of people living in the same big city but with a definite neighborhood feeling.

Would ya be my neighbor?

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