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Michael Savage: the homosexual mafia is 'raping our children's minds'

Why does this man have any advertisers left? (Media Matters):

Responding to a caller who said, “I had to explain to my young son why these two men were holding hands the other day,” radio host Michael Savage stated, during the June 16 broadcast of The Savage Nation, “You’ve got to explain to the children … why God told people this was wrong.” He went on to say, “You have to explain this to them in this time of mental rape that’s going on. The children’s minds are being raped by the homosexual mafia, that’s my position. They’re raping our children’s minds.”

Is this a problem for Savage?

In equally unhinged Savagery, he referred to Barack Obama as an “Afro-Leninist.” Nice.

If the other side had one decent candidate, one real conservative, he would win 70-30. But because we have a retread, a Bush III, it’s going to be very doubtful as to whether or not we can avoid outright Marxism and Afro-Leninism running this country. You understand that, or don’t you?

…”[H]e continues to appease and appeal to those who will never vote for him. This is … the classic behavior of the country-club, checked-pants Republican that is fundamentally finished. And maybe it’s time for them to be finished. But then again, what do we have as an option? An Afro-Leninist who’s achieved nothing?”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding