Know Your Rights

Some recent hearings and events have made it patently clear that we need further discussion on rights and liberties in the age of Republican rule. So, here goes:

— On FISA: Pressure your members of Congress. Now. Before it’s too late and Dick Cheney’s ass gets full coverage. Remind them they work for you — and that we aren’t averse to getting someone else, if need be. Ryan Singel has more, as does the NYTimes, and Digby, and Glenn, and it isn’t pretty. Call or FAX now. Please.

— As McJoan says, some opposition has begun to speak out against the Hoyer-pushed "compromise" plan — and I’m hearing there may be more to come on this soon — so let’s give them the support they need to squash this altogether, shall we? Call. Now. bmaz has some great suggested talking points.

— You can also help us push back on FISA here. Good morning Steny — how’s your day?

— If your member of Congress has difficulty understanding why telecom immunity and violations of civil liberties are antithetical to the rule of law, tell them to read EFF. And then say no to utter capitulation and Cheney ass coverage renamed a "compromise." N-O. Need more incentive — try Judge Harry Pregerson:

Judge Harry Pregerson…suggests the government is asking the courts to "rubber stamp" the government’s claim that state secrets are at risk "Who decides whether something is a state secret or not? … We have to take the word of the members of the executive branch that something is a state secret?"

Garre counters that the courts should give "utmost deference" to the Bush administration.

Judge Pregerson: "What does utmost deference mean? Bow to it?"

It is time for members of Congress to get off their knees and stop bowing. This is America, we do not have a king, and everyone ought to abide by the rule of law, including the President whether his unilateral fiat Veep likes it or not.

— "If the detainee dies, you’re doing it wrong." ACLU has more, as does Marcy and CNN. Will Bunch explains the significance. And more from McLatchy as well.

Habeas, schmabeas. (Do listen to this one — it is awesome. H/T to Josh Orton for the link.)

— Selling your soul for access is just politics as usual. That sound you hear is the beginning of lockstep.

— Whatever you do, don’t upset the oil drum. Cue the McCain pandering and Bush Administration pile-on in five…four…

— Perhaps its just me, but if you want to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons secrets, outing CIA agents who were working on doing just that might have been a good thing not to do. Just saying…

— Nothing says preparing for free speech like a bulk order of projectile launchers for the local cops. Can’t wait to get to Denver. *cough*

— And this from Jessica is just plain funny.

(Felt like a The Clash kinda day. "Know Your Rights" — live performance from 1983.)

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