You asked for it, You got it! Toyota! So what do you get? According to a 65-page report by the National Labor Committee, "The Toyota You Don’t Know," Toyota is engaged in serious human rights violations. The Toyota Motor Company is linked to human trafficking and sweatshop abuse and to Burmese dictators.. Toyota employs 10,000 low-wage temps… is accused of unpaid overtime and serious overwork. The world’s No. 1 car maker is cited by the ILO for repression in denying freedom of association. And Toyota has helped to usher in lower wages and benefits across the U.S. auto industry. Anybody been to Detroit lately?

"Celebrities like Julia Roberts, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pit, Bill Maher and others have led the way in turning Toyota’s Prius into a symbol of concern for our environment," says Charles Kernaghan, director of the NLC, "We hope that these same celebrities will now also challenge Toyota to improve its respect for human and worker rights. As a start, Toyota should cut its ties to the Burmese dictators and end the exploitation of foreign guest workers trafficked to Japan."

John McCain, Environmentalist? You don’t have to be a baby boomer to remember the awful oil spills off Santa Barbara in 1969 when a Union Oil platform blew out and 200,000 gallons of crude spread around 800 square miles including 35 miles of pristine beach… Or more recently in Louisiana in 2005 when nearly 50 oil spills were reported, affecting homes and coastal marshes… It doesn’t dissipate and it doesn’t clean up fast. You watch sea life die an ugly, drawn out death; and you spend months—sometimes years – staying off the beach to avoid the filth and odor. Why not just support Congress’ windfall profit tax for oil companies and use the money to step up solar and wind power?

Respect Your Elders. Just don’t bail ‘em out. Overwhelmed by debt, US seniors have sought personal bankruptcy protection in alarming numbers. Between 1991 and 2007, filings for the over 65 group went up 150%… the rate for those 75-84 soared 433No wonder soon-to-be senior Bill Clinton put together $100 million since exiting the White House.. and President Bush was quoted as saying that upon leaving office he would “fill up the old coffers”. Nothing worse than a bankrupt ex-prez.

None of your business. Missing White House emails will remain missing, as far as the public is concerned. A fed judge ruled that records believed to show millions of missing emails are not to be made public.

Carl Ginsburg

Carl Ginsburg