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McCain, Just Like Bush: The Answer To Our Energy Problems Is To Do Exactly What Big Oil Wants

271642790_301a5843f5_m.jpgMcSame is giving a speech on energy kissing Big Oil’s ass in Houston today with proposals that sound oddly familiar:

As McCain revealed Monday, his speech today includes a proposal to end a federal ban on offshore drilling in the eastern Gulf of Mexico and much of the the oceanic coasts, giving states the option to approve oil production within their waters.

Haven’t I heard that somewhere before?

The Bush administration has unveiled plans to extend drilling for oil and gas in the Gulf of Mexico as part of its controversial energy policy…President George W Bush has long argued that the US needs to drill for more oil and gas, including in its coastal waters, to make it less dependent on foreign energy suppliers.

Same old, same old.

And this is yet another flip-flop for McSame, who when he was running against Bush, derided calls for offshore drilling as being driven by "special interests in Washington."

He looks more and more like Bush all the time. Any day now, I expect to see him clearing brush on his "ranch."

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Blue Texan