Since we don’t live in a cookie cutter world, where all of us look and think and act the same, isn’t it always just a little satisfying when an idea surfaces that celebrates our individuality. Especially when it helps us celebrate it together. In the marketplace of ideas, this one really makes the cake for me:

…When they pitched the figurines to home shopping networks, executives shot them down. Ditto mainstream stores. No one told them expressly why they wouldn’t carry the decorations, but to the business partners who designed the diverse dolls, the message was clear.

"When we said ‘You can interchange the figures,’ they didn’t like that," Puebla said.

Now, with gay marriage set to begin in California this week, the co-owners of Renellie feel somewhat vindicated. Almost immediately after the California Supreme Court approved same-sex nuptials, the orders started pouring in to the Costa Mesa business.

"We have been getting orders like you wouldn’t believe," Puebla said. "I think this will be our best year."

The business was born of Puebla’s own wedding disappointment. Several years ago she spent weeks searching fruitlessly for a cake topper for herself — an African American woman — and her fiance, a Japanese American man. In the end, they settled for a pair of white figures to top their cake.

Puebla and Genuardi designed their figurines to resemble black, Latino, Asian and white brides and grooms. Each figure stands alone, so they can be mixed and matched to form almost any kind of couple….

Business has been booming in wedding-related industries since the ruling. A UCLA study said same-sex weddings could add $64 million in revenue for the state over the next three years….

That just makes me smile. I’ve always thought that love was incredibly precious and sacred — and that it comes from the inside, from the soul. The outside package is simply window dressing for all that important stuff in your heart.

For all the fiscal conservatives out there, that enhanced bottom line is pretty sweet, isn’t it? So, here’s to more love, less hatred and bigotry, a lot more live and let live, and a whole lot more celebrations to come.

For all sorts of folks, no matter their color or sex or mix of equipment — they get to be happy together, and that’s just fine by me. And my husband, and our marriage, which hasn’t changed one whit since the scaaaary gay folks in California started getting hitched. (Wedding ring still on? Check. Still happily married? Check. Change in happy marriage? Nope. Big deal? No idea. Your relationship with the person you love? None of my business, thanks.) Just like it didn’t change one whit when the folks in MA got hitched before this.

As dday says, here’s to the day when this is unexceptional…but incredibly joyous nonetheless.

The ACLUblog has guest posters talking about this issue, and I thought Pam Spaulding’s was particularly on point.  Go read… 

Christy Hardin Smith

Christy Hardin Smith

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