Fresh from Cindy’s pantry

It seems like Cindy "Sticky Fingers" McCain has been lifting recipes again.

A few months ago, John McCain’s second and current wife, “Trollop” Cindy, was caught stealing recipes from the Food Network and publishing them as her own material, a simple lapse of ethics that you’re supposed to learn, and master, at age four. To atone for this, Cindy fired a hapless intern. But the problem was systemic! Cindy has contributed another recipe, to Parents magazine. This recipe for Oatmeal Butterscotch Cookies was, of course, directly cribbed from Hershey’s website. Th-that’s not ch-change we-ee can b-believe in.

To eliminate any more confusion these all appear to really be from Cindy McCain’s secret recipe book :

Percocet Pogens
Sugar Mama Snaps
Oatmeal with Raisins Nuts Twigs and Stems
Double Chocolate Fudge Blackout Wake Up At Betty Ford Behind Bars Bars
Trollop Tagalongs
Vicodin Lost Weekend Divinity
Michelob Meringue Drops
Grumpy Old Gingerbread Men
Linzer Tarted Ups
Colombian Snowdrops
Rehab Rugelach
and that Neiman-Marcus cookie that she keeps putting on her credit card



Yeah. Like I would tell you....