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Quick Quotes From Our Beloved Glorious Leader

bush-faces.jpg[Editor’s note: Please welcome to our Sunday lineup JoFish, who many of you already know from his superb work at Democratic Veteran. –dn]

Our current Beloved Glorious Leader certainly has a way of making it all about him, doesn’t he? A quick quote (and one I hope will live in infamy right up there with "Bring ’em On and "Dead or Alive"…)

"If I were a betting man, we’ll reach agreement with the Iraqis," Bush said. "You know, we’re there at their invitation; they’re a sovereign nation."

Yeah, let me count the ways that we are not in Iraq "by invitation". I’m guessing that the majority of Iraqis never invited us to come to their country and bring such uniquely American things like Shock and Awe, Energy shortages, Blackwater and our newest entry in the Banana Republican "things we export": state-sponsored ethnic cleansing.

And what a new season for quotes we have…the Malaproprism Machine is swinging back into high gear once more. The Persian Perfidy is underway, and using the tried and true (well, in their opinion) rhetoric like this that so successfully managed to swing the Nation into a war without end or meaning after the fear-mongering in Post 9/11 America.

"I will continue to work on this trip to talk about the dangers of a nuclear Iran — not civilian nuclear power, but a program that would be aimed at blackmail or destruction — and that we’ve got to work to stop them from learning how to enrich," Bush said in an interview with RAI TV of Italy.

Yeah, hmmm let’s see, the NIE said that the Irani’s are not working towards Nukes, but the 1600 Crew was so successful in getting blantant untruths to be believed previously (psssst… Al-Qaeda launched their strike from Iraq, didja hear?) that this has to be child’s play by comparison. And as we all know, we’ve seen this teevee show before. I guess since it’s summer, it’s rerun season.

During his trip through Europe, Bush has maintained that he wants to settle the standoff with Iran through diplomacy. But he has also reiterated that a military strike is possible.

-sigh- Possible? Yeah, seems to me that in October of 2002 Preznit CammoDiapers was talking like some kind of a DFH about not wanting to go to war with Iraq, when in fact the decision had been made long before (and I suspect that history might show as far back as 1999) to invade Iraq. Darth Cheney was probably rankled about Bush the Firsts decision not to roll into Baghdad after GW1 and grab all that oil. Like every other imagined offense in his shitty life, he kept it to himself until he could act on it (from Nixon’s Impeachment Hearings to Iraq he’s been perhaps the longest-term player in the game…). Now Darth wants one last shot at screwing up the world for fun and profit before he heads out to write his memoirs of Constitutional Hijacking and War-making for fun and profit in Wonderful Wyoming enjoying his CheneyBurton-enriched, taxpayer-sponsored retirement.

Bush’s national security adviser, Stephen Hadley, said earlier this week that such a rejection would trigger the international community to "get much more aggressive" about enforcing the U.N. penalties and taking other steps to squeeze Iran’s vast international business and banking relationships.

I guess we are now the "international community", isn’t that special?

Just substitute Condi for Stephan and gee, there’s no original programming on the horizon this summer, is there? I wonder if they have some little glass phials of sugar for Condi to take to the UN this summer when she heads north to buy new shoes on 5th Avenue for the fall season?

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Jo Fish

Jo Fish

Jo started blogging when the right-wingers started making utter, complete asses of themselves, which would be since around 2002 or so in their current incarnation as mind-sucking zombies.

A life-long Democrat and career DFH whose parents voted for all the Kennedys at one time or another, he still has an "RFK for President" banner in his garage from 1968.

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