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One Town at a Time

Every morning, I wake up and read my hometown newspaper online. It has been about ten years since I lived in Rockingham, North Carolina, but I still like to stay informed of what is going on in the little town where my roots began.

Imagine my surprise when I read this editorial:…

Granted, it was written in Daytona Beach, but the fact that a small town newspaper picked it up and printed it as its featured editorial says a lot, especially when that small town is Rockingham, North Carolina.

I am awaiting the fundy eruption from this, and I am sure it will come. But I am overly optimistic. Perhaps I have made my coffee too strong; maybe three large cups was just too much. But I realize that the fight for progress and full equality for all citizens is truly one step at a time, small town to medium city, to large urban environment.

Equality is equality.  

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