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Noonan: Obama Is An Unpatriotic, Effeminate, Cynical, Immoral, Godless Opportunist

Today, Nooner bases her entire column on this comparison:

Mr. McCain is the Old America, of course; Mr. Obama the New.

You can see right away where this is headed, don’t you?

In the Old America, love of country was natural. You breathed it in. You either loved it or knew you should.

Translation: Obama hates America.

The Old America had big families. You married and had children.

Yup, and apparently, in Old America, it was also customary to dump your disabled wife for a hotter, younger, richer model.

Old America: "We’ve been here three generations." New America: "You’re still here?"

Translation: Obama’s not a real American because he’s one generation removed from hunting antelopes with spears.

The Old America: Religion is good.

Translation: Obama is a godless heathen.

Mr. McCain is the old world of concepts like "personal honor," of a manliness that was a style of being, of an attachment to the fact of higher principles.

Translation: Obama has no honor and is a big girl.

But this is my favorite passage:

The Old and New define sacrifice differently. An Old America opinion: Abjuring a life as a corporate lawyer and choosing instead community organizing, a job that does not pay you in money but will, if you have political ambitions, provide a base and help you win office, is not precisely a sacrifice…A New America answer: He didn’t become a rich lawyer like everyone else—and that was a sacrifice! Old America: Five years in a cage—that’s a sacrifice!

Translation: Obama was never a POW; therefore, everything he did in service of his country is a meaningless, cynical contrivance in pursuit of power and money.

And lastly,

Old America: candidates for office wear ties.



I can’t wait until this election is over.

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