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McCain versus Bush on women’s health issues

Just got this in an email from –

Dear MoveOn member,

Do you know where John McCain stands on women’s health issues? Do your friends?

Our friends at Planned Parenthood Action Fund just did a really cool thing-they took to the streets in their own version of the Bush-McCain Challenge-to see if folks knew where John McCain stands when it comes to protecting women’s health.

Check out the video. It’s amazing.…

The video is fun to watch, but this is serious stuff and every woman (and man) you know should see it.

After you watch it, please pass it on to your friends and make sure they know about John McCain’s record on women’s health, too.

Thanks for all you do.

-Nita, Noah, Ilyse, Justin and the Political Action Team

 Friday, June 13th, 2008

P.S. If you had trouble clicking the image above, try this link:…


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