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One way that you can tell that Bill Buckley is really dead is that you would normally have to go visit the Ole Perfesser, instead of The National Review, to find something like this that mixes just the right amount of glib commentary with homicidal tendencies:

Andy McCarthy, a former federal prosecutor, shares this witty response to the Supreme Court’s decision today:

An old government friend emails with a practical response to the Supreme Court:

Let’s free all Gitmo detainees…on a vast, deserted, open and contested Afghan battlefield. C-130 gunship circling overhead for security. Give them all a two minute running head start.

Personally I think that McCarty is using the passive "old government friend" because he’s much too modest to admit that he thought this up all by his own bad self. It’s nice to know that, should someone ever decide to remake The Great Escape, McCarthy would be willing to play the part of Gruppenführer Artur Nebe… but without the feelings of guilt.

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