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Buy Low Sell High: And the magic number is… 24

How to achieve 24% annual return year in and year out?… Discipline, foresight and aptitude to… well, buy low and sell high. I don’t have it, and you don’t have it. But Ken Heebner has it and that’s why he and his clients are very, very, very rich. Fortune pays tribute to “America’s Hottest Investor” in the June 16 issue. Check it out. At 24% you double your money early in the fourth year of investing… Heebner’s top fund soared in 2007, making 80% that year alone … on energy and fertilizer, to name two. He also bet against the subprime mortgagors… 2007 was the fourth time since 2000 that the fund made more than 45%. Who says Bush didn’t get the job done!! Harvard Business School classmates describe Heebner – a rapid fire trader – as a shy, quiet guy. Still waters run deep!!

Hardworking Donald Trump flew into remote Isle of Lewis in Scotland… ever in search of how provide distraction to rapid fire shy guys… You got it! A new golf course… After a three hour stay in the town of Tong, where his mum grew up, The Donald was off… Fore!

Attention pushers!! Top profit making drugs: Tysabri for multiple sclerosis and Remicade for inflammatory disease treatment.

Earth to Sheriff Green: This is not Sherwood Forest. Wall St. Journal reports the lawless activities of Sheriff John Green, long-time Pennsylvania law enforcement official.. Seems Green refused to hold a court-ordered foreclosure auction. Says Sheriff Green: “More of our neighbors, our families and friends are falling behind on their mortgages and losing their homes. My staff and I watch the suffering every day and witness the heart-wrenching scenes as families lose their primary means of wealth-building and face eviction.”

Rocky Mountain High: 180,000 children are living in poverty in Colorado.. that’s a 73% increase since 2000..

Long-tortured Tisch Family announced plans to separate out its tobacco interests – Lorillard – from other businesses… The family was, says one source in the New York Times, “uncomfortable” with the business. Excluding dividends, the Tisch family biz made $10 billion on smokes since the initial score in 1968…

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Carl Ginsburg