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Who Would Replace Obama?

Someone’s spreading rumors through Novakula, and fifty bucks says it’s Rahm himself:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is reported to be privately talking about Rep. Rahm Emanuel, the House Democratic Caucus chairman, as the next senator from Illinois if Sen. Barack Obama wins the presidential election.

Emanuel told this column he is not interested in the Senate and has not talked to Pelosi about it. He also suggested that Pelosi might be saying she would regret losing him from her leadership team. However, the source quoting the speaker indicated she was enthusiastic about Emanuel’s elevation to the Senate.

It’s actually up to Blagojevich to appoint a replacement for Obama’s seat, which is up in 2010. It’s hard to imagine he wouldn’t defer to Obama on the matter, though.

Would Rahm really get the nod over Jan Schakowsky, a solid anti-war progressive and staunch Obama supporter?

I guess Rahm is looking for the edge by getting tongues wagging early.

So in his honor, let’s resurrect…yes, my favorite YouTube. Take it away, Rahm…

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