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The Same You Can Believe In

lime-jello-mccain.thumbnail.jpgDigby noticed this at the Cunning Realist — and yes, it does indeed sound like something John McCain should be asked about:

John McCain’s flip-flops, corrections, and red-faced clarifications are getting an increasing amount of attention. But let’s not forget the mother of all memory hole shuntings. From McCain’s foreword to Halberstam’s The Best and the Brightest (I’m still waiting for the candidate to be asked about this):

It was a shameful thing to ask men to suffer and die, to persevere through god-awful afflictions and heartache, to endure the dehumanizing experiences that are unavoidable in combat, for a cause that the country wouldn’t support over time and that our leaders so wrongly believed could be achieved at a smaller cost than our enemy was prepared to make us pay. No other national endeavor requires as much unshakable resolve as war. If the nation and the government lack that resolve, it is criminal to expect men in the field to carry it alone.

Maybe Fred Hiatt should be asked that as well? Look at today’s wankitorial where the Washington Post’s Chief War Apologist…after Krauthammer, Novak, various and sundry Kagans — okay, one of the Washington Post’s apologists — uses Bush as a cat’s paw to avoid his own record of enabling.

Maybe…just maybe, Fred Hiatt will some day read his own paper — for if he did visit say, the "Walter Pincus Page" of the Post today, placed right after the JC Penny & Auto Dealer advertisements and just before those of the "adult bookstores" he could read things like this:

There is an important line in last week’s Senate intelligence committee report on the Bush administration’s prewar exaggerations of the threat posed by Saddam Hussein. It says that the panel did not review "less formal communications between intelligence agencies and other parts of the Executive Branch."

More important, there was no effort to obtain White House records or interview President Bush, Vice President Cheney or other administration officials whose speeches were analyzed because, the report says, such steps were considered beyond the scope of the report.

One obvious target for such an expanded inquiry would have been the records of the White House Iraq Group (WHIG), a group set up in August 2002 by then-White House Chief of Staff Andrew H. Card Jr.

Ah, but outside of Pincus and a few Dirty Effing Hippies no one will ask such impertinent questions, for they might cause an exclusion from the barbecue — oh, how they love the dry rub.

But I’m guessing the people that will get asked are Jeremiah Wright — Joe Lieberman — Michael Ledeen — the angry Clinton supporter — or the "get a brain morans" guy.

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