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Urge MoveOn to take a stand

Not long after the CA Supreme Court issued its decision in support of marriage, I received an email from asking me to take a stand in support of marriage equality.  

During the last presidential election, I was frustrated with the lack of support from organizations like True Majority.  As I’m sure you recall, at that time more than a dozen states were voting to amend their constitutions and the Democratic nominees not only avoided the topic, but often supported the states decision to amend against us.  I fought to get advocacy groups to take a stand, but they were uninterested in participating.

Things are different in 2008.  Check out the front page at True Majority’s website:…

I would like to know why – the larger and better known and CALIFORNIA based liberal advocacy organization – has been quiet on the constitutional amendment that is headed for the ballot in the fall.  

Suddenly this morning I received an email from MoveOn that asked me:  “Today’s a big day — what should we focus on going forward?”

They ask three questions:

1. Share with us what you personally are thinking today. What is going through your head?

2. What do you think should do next — either right away or between now and Election Day?

3. Have you thought about what you personally want to do to help before Election Day? Do you have anything in particular in mind?  Is there anything MoveOn as an organization can do to help you do that?

In every answer I urged MoveOn to take a principled stand – like True Majority finally has – in support of the citizenship of LGBT Americans by making AT LEAST ONE statement against the amendment.  

I ask you to do the same.  These liberal political organizations reach hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of activist minded individuals that believe in fairness and equality.  We need their support.  They need to hear from us and we need to demand that they live up to their reputations and come out of the closet to help us defeat the amendment in the fall.

This doesn’t have to become the main focus of MoveOn’s mission (God forbid) but they could at least show some principle and take a stand.

Submit a response here:…

Thank you!

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