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The GOP’s No Good Very Bad Day

While all the attention was on the Democratic presidential race Tuesday, it turns out the GOP had a very bad day, to say the least.

 In New Mexico, Steve Pearce, the much more conservative Congressman, edged out Heather Wilson, a more moderate Republican with a much better shot of winning the open Senate race. Wilson was endorsed by retiring Sen. Pete Domenici (who has been in office since the time of Meshuselah),  so her loss was a major blow to the GOP Establishment there, in addition to their hopes of beating Democratic Congressman Tom Udall.

In New Jersey, GOP Establishment favorite Dick Zimmer won the right to take on Senator Lautenberg (who won his own primary with 61% of the vote), yet in a fractured primary Zimmer was unable to get 50% of the vote, in an already difficult state for the GOP.

In Montana, a GOP-targeted state, the results were even worse for the Republican Party. Bill Kelleher, a perennial candidate who hasn’t won a race since 1972 (and looks like he may have invented the steam engine), beat out the Establishment choice Mike Lange to take on Max Baucus for the Senate seat.

Finally, in South Dakota, Republicans nominted Joel Dykstra to take on Senator Tim Johnson. Dykstra is most famous, or infamous, for calling rape and incest "buzzwords."

There you have it, McCain’s speech was actually not the worst moment of the night for the Republican Party.

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Cliff Schecter

Cliff Schecter