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Karl Rove: Shopworn Republican Myths For Sale

mccain_grimace.thumbnail.JPGUnka Karl peddles this in the Wall Street Journal today:

Mr. Obama also can’t count on his voter-registration strength. His allies Acorn and the NAACP pay a bounty for each new voter registered, so their workers often register people who don’t exist or who are already registered.

In reality, the story is a bit bigger than the tale of a couple of traditional lefty bogeymen:

Voter excitement, always up before a presidential election, is pushing registration through the roof this year — with more than 3.5 million people rushing to join in the historic balloting, according to an Associated Press survey.

Registration seems to be up strongly among black and women voters, according to the AP survey.

Figures are up for blacks, women and young people. Rural and city, South and North.

Overall, AP found that nearly one in 65 adult Americans signed up to vote in just the first three months of the year. And in the 21 states that were able to provide comparable data, new registrations have soared about 64 percent from the same three months in the 2004 campaign.

Nice try, Grandpa. Why don’t you and John McSame have a seat on the porch and a warm glass of milk and talk about your salad days pissing on the Geneva Convention?

Looks like the revolution passed you by.

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