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Hit Bolthouse Where it Hurts

Storm just broke the news to us that William Bolthouse, maker of Bolthouse Farms juices and salad dressings, has donated $100,000 to the effort to kill marriage equality in CA.  

Personal boycotts of his wares seem in order.  However, we can take a wider-ranging approach than that.  I propose that we each look for the retail stores in our own areas that sell his stuff.  You can find where they are by plugging your zip code into this handy store locator.

Next, check to see if those stores have their own non-discrimination policies.  For example, one distributor of BH stuff in my area is Whole Foods.  They do have a non-discrimination policy.  HRC has a page where you can look up national brands to see if they mention sexual orientation or gender identity in their non-discrimination policies.  The policies usually only cover employment, not vendors, but what the heck – make the most mileage you can out of what you’ve got to work with: a company commitment to equality and fairness.

Finally, call, write or visit the manager of the store and respectfully ask them to show support for their policy by removing Bolthouse Farms goods from their shelves.  It may not work, but it will at the least put them on notice that customers will not buy certain products when that they know that the profits will be used to attack our civil rights.

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Laurel Ramseyer

Laurel Ramseyer