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Breaking: California Supreme Court denies rehearing and stay in marriage cases

This hit my inbox just moments ago. Fundie religious and legal orgs, including the Campaign for California Families, had asked the state Supreme Court to delay allowing same-sex marriages until after the November election, when an amendment initiative would place marriage equality in the hands of voters.

The decision will now become final on June 16 at 5:00 p.m. Let the marriages begin!

San Francisco-The California Supreme Court today filed an order in the Marriage Cases (S147999; decision filed May 15, 2008), denying requests to stay its decision until after the November 2008 election and denying petitions for rehearing.

The rehearing petitions were denied by a 4-3 vote. Chief Justice Ronald George, and Justices Joyce Kennard, Kathryn Werdegar, and Carlos Moreno voted to deny rehearing. Justices Marvin Baxter, Ming Chin, and Carol Corrigan would have granted rehearing.

The order further specified that the decision of the court filed on May 15, 2008, will become final on June 16, 2008, at 5 p.m.

A fundie eruption should occur shortly. The order is after the jump.

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