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Literally Cheney’s Cheney

178486260_c9a399dc37_m.thumbnail.jpgLiz Cheney, she’s more than just the daughter of the Vice-President. She’s the magical child that provided her father with that greatest of gifts, an iron-clad guarantee ol’ Dick didn’t have to serve in ‘Nam. You know, not serving, the kind of thing that matters only for Democrats of too young an age to have a war during their prime fightin’ age [because we all know older Democrats who did serve are totally exempt from such worthless charges].

Just think, but for Dick and Lynne bumpin’ uglies in the mid-1960s, Cheney could be presently leading the Canadian Conservative Party to record setting defeats. But sadly, Cheney stayed here to start other wars other people, the little people, the "West Virginia" types go and fight for him.

In a sign of their ever-lasting commitment to merit-based hiring, the George W. Bush Administration, kept placing Liz Cheney to a variety of jobs in the State Department, most notably and finally Principal Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, a position she held until the Spring of 2006.

Yesterday, while her Daddy was calling West Virginians a bunch of inbreds, Liz was speaking at AIPAC, and despite her former role in the Bush Administration dropped this bon mot:

Liz Cheney — daughter of V.P. Dick Cheney — fired off a few shots during her appearance today at the AIPAC conference, essentially aimed at her former boss, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and her former boss’ boss, President Bush. Cheney didn’t call either of them out by name, but, among other things, did criticize two major initiatives backed by Bush and Rice: the Palestinian legislative elections that ended up bringing Hamas to power and the current effort to advance the peace process

The Palestinians, Cheney said, are not “ready” to reach an agreement. Making matters worse, she added, this futile pursuit of peace will ultimately draw resources away from confronting Iran.

Oh, "confronting Iran"? She certainly is her father’s spawn isn’t she?

But, wait, Liz Cheney goes after Bush and Rice for what happened with Hamas…when did that happen again?

Oh, yes, January 2006, while Liz Cheney had that area as her concern within the State Department.

Funny that.

The Merde Touch, it doesn’t skip a generation.

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