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Hillary Wants the VP Slot

Color me shocked (not):

WASHINGTON – Hillary Rodham Clinton told colleagues Tuesday she would consider joining Barack Obama as his running mate, and advisers said she was withholding a formal departure from the race partly to use her remaining leverage to press for a spot on the ticket.

On a conference call with other New York lawmakers, Clinton, a New York senator, said she was willing to become Obama’s vice presidential nominee if it would help Democrats win the White House, according to a participant who spoke on condition of anonymity because this person was not authorized to speak for Clinton.

Clinton’s remarks came in response to a question from Democratic Rep. Nydia Velazquez, who said she believed the best way for Obama to win key voting blocs, including Hispanics, would be for him to choose Clinton as his running mate.

"I am open to it," Clinton replied, if it would help the party’s prospects in November.

Clinton also told colleagues the delegate math was not there for her to overtake Obama, but that she wanted to take time to determine how to leave the race in a way that would best help Democrats.

"I deserve some time to get this right," she said, even as the other lawmakers forcefully argued for her to press Obama to choose her as his running mate.

Ever since Bill let the cat out of the bag, it’s been clear that this is what Hillary has been trying to leverage. I’ve read most of the past few days as Obama’s attempts to sew up the nomination such that she doesn’t get forced on him, since by all reports he’d rather have a root canal. The slew of "leaks" saying he already has the requisite number of superdelegates looked to be a way to pressure remaining uncommitteds to get while the getting is good.

Likewise, I’m sure the supers are having their arms wrenched quite firmly to keep them from lining up behind Obama. And he will after all be the Democratic nominee soon (who flexed his muscle at last Saturday’s RBC meeting) so I’m sure the pressure being exerted to keep them from doing so is intense.

There is no doubt a really aggressive day of hardball politics being played behind the scenes. Sounds like a made-for-TV movie in the making.

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Jane Hamsher

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