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John Conyers on Scooter, Scottie, Rove and “Inherent Contempt”

Marcy Wheeler buttonholed John Conyers over the weekend in a Starbucks at the DNC Rules & Bylaws meeting. She asked him about his interest in hauling Scott McClellan before the House Judiciary Committee and suggesting that Scooter Libby might be up for a bit of questioning, too.

Conyers also talks about his "good friend" Karl Rove.

"Well, we could just arrest him and bring him in, right?" says Marcy.

"Inherent contempt? You’ve heard of that too?" replies Conyers.

Marcy points out that in his book, McClellan really says that Bush authorized the leak of Valerie Plame’s identity.

And then we all enjoyed caffeinated beverages.

Update:  Froomkin has more on  Scotty and Scooter.

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