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She’s Coming Out – Again

First of all, on this quiet Sunday afternoon, I wanted to say again how thrilling it is to be heading to the DNC with such an awesome team. It seems like yesterday when it was the horrible 2004 election and a bunch of passionate “bloggrrllls” met in the comments on Americablog, and bounded out to make our own blogs, remaining friends and supporters along the way.

Pam was so kind to include me in the group of “baristas” when a wacko family member started trolling my own blog. I dropped my real name and became The Educated Eclectic to put some level of space between me and said wacko. That said, all seems to have quieted down on the family front, and in the interest of tying in my professional writing as Julien Sharp and the political as The Educated Eclectic, with Pam's agreement, I will be using my real name on the blog from now on.

Also – I just finally quit (Friday) my “day” job. This is big news – it was the safety net I was using as I re-built my freelance writing career after relocating from Miami Beach to NYC for my spouse's job change in the end of 2006. I meant to leave about two months ago, as I had my first book deal awarded this year. But due to a series of things, I was not able to leave until May 30. However, the delay has also delayed my book writing schedule and I basically have two weeks to finish and I have a LOT of writing to do.

So, I will be lying low for the next two weeks (the book is due June 15). I may not be able to participate in many discussions until after the middle of this month. Just wanted to let you know that even though I will be a bit “quiet” the next couple of weeks I will be going in FULL FORCE after that.

I am really looking forward to helping report with everyone in Denver!


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Julien Sharp

Julien Sharp