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RBC, the Early Evening Edition

We will deal with Florida first, then Michigan. Limited debate.

Alice Huffman is speaking in support of her proposal to seat all of Florida. She got so much mail in support of seating Florida.

David McDonald opposing this motion, because it asks to go back to a time before it was complicated by campaign interests. The standard for FL getting a waiver is more complicated now than it was, given the documents produced (not sure what that means). This is not a problem that the voters in FL caused. It is a problem that impacts both those who went to the polls and those who did not.

Yvonne Gates also opposes. This is about respecting the rules. We’re not trying to penalize those individuals. When you have rules, they must be followed. If they’re not followed, you have chaos. I won’t be able to support the motion.

Hartina Flournoy. It saddens me that this motion has no chance of passing the body. I thought what drove these rules was being a party of inclusion. I’m sad about the fact that we will take a vote that does not bring FL back in. (She confuses MI and FL twice.)

Alice Germond. We told the voters the beauty contest had no meaning. Raises MLK. And Geraldine Ferraro.

Ickes. Want to associate myself with Tina Flournoy and Alice.

Mona Pasquill. Thanks for the gifts of food. There are sometimes when you have to revisit the rules. We talk a lot about respect. I want to be responsible to these voters.

Motion fails by 15-12. Chants of "Denver, Denver" throughout.

Ralph Dawson. Consider reduction of penalty to 50%. In view of offer by Obama’s campaign to afford certain delegates. 1) All pledged delegates be restored, at .5 vote. In addition, all pledged delegate positions shall be allocated Hillary 52.5, Edwards 6.5, Obama 33.5 delegate votes. Unpledged delegates cast one-half vote at the Convention. Fill delegate positions including right of approval.

Alice Huffman. Not the motion I would have liked. I also know that we cannot leave here and not do something, for Florida. When you can leave with unity, what this party needs is unity. We will leave here more united than we came. This is about finding a way to make whole, to some degree.

Lipstick on a pig, someone calls.

Alice Huffman. Do you believe in Democracy? That vote failed. Please conduct yourselves like proper men and women.

Ickes. Will vote for a half vote.

Alexis Herman. All delegates to be treated the same.

27 for Ausman position, Katz not voting. Qualifies as unanimous.

Allan Katz. While I wasn’t able to vote, it’s more pleasant than the last time I voted on a motion relating to FL.

Michigan Challenge.

Mame Reiley. One-half vote, pledged delegate. 69-59 delegates. All unpledged delegates cast one-half vote.

Fowler. Not my first choice. It is the result of a lot of discussions. In the best interest of the party and the best interest of electing a democrat in November. I say that to my friend Ickes. Harold, I respect and love you, but this is what I support.

Ickes. I’ve already stated my views and I represent Senator Clinton in this regard. We find it inexplicable that this body that is devoted t rules is going to fly in the face of–other than our affirmative action rules–the most fundamental rule in the delegate selection process. Analogous to First Amendment. That bedrock. This motion will hijack, remove 4 delegates won by Hillary Clinton, and most importantly reflect the preferences of 600,000 Michigan voters. This body of 30 individuals has decided they’re going to substitute their judgment for 600,000 voters. I’m stunned we’re going to substitute our judgment for 600,000 people. You bet your ass the process was flawed. This country has one of the lowest rates of participation. This is not an excuse. As Don Fowler pointed out, this is in the charter. Fair reflection.

Oops. Donna Brazile caught yawning on the screen.

Ickes. Not only will this motion hijack votes from Hillary, but it will assign 55 from uncommitted. Stripping those 4 delegates from Hillary is not the way to start down the path of unity. Mrs. Clinton has instructed me to reserve her rights to take this to the credentials committee.

(Ickes was not on the floor right after he came back. He must have called Hillary in the interim.)

Thomas Hynes. This does reflect a fair representation of MI. It is fairer it does fairly reflect the will of the voters of MI. By the testimony of Senator Levin and others, the primary on which Ickes basis is flawed. The state party went to come up with a conclusion that makes sense. I want to congratulate Senator Obama for his leadership.

Everett Ward. All of at this table committed to the rules. One of the reasons that I sit at this table is because of a person in this room. There’s a person in this room by the name of Lawrence Iyot. In 1964, along with a lady from NC by the name of Ella Baker formed what was called the MS freedom democratic party. When Fanny Lou Hamer and Ella Baker, it was because the rules of the Democratic party blocked people who looked like me out of the process. I do not come to this process to play games. I come bc there’s a linage and a history that says if we abide by the rules that we abide by fair play. There has been propaganda and words used by one of my colleagues that seem to suggest that the motion put forward by my colleague Ms. Reiley would hijack the vote. Not anywhere in this motion does it say the unpledged delegates will go to Obama. For a colleague that exercises selective amnesia, to suggest that it blocks voters and hijacks a process, I would encourage my colleagues, as we continue this process, that we continue to do it in spirit of Ella Baker. I hope we will end any further political posturing.

Liz Smith. Want to address this to my friends in MI. I cannot support the position fo the MDP on this challenge. The voters rule, they are the highest government of this country. I can’t allow a compromise that ignores the will of 600,000. We will have unity, but this is not the way to do it.

Brewer. Thank the committee for its very thoughtful consideration. I promise we will do everything we can to unify MI and carry the state of MI for the Democratic Party.

Motion carries 19 – 8. 

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