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Blue America Welcomes Mark Begich and Senator Jon Tester

2531834687_58d0aa7614.thumbnail.jpgBefore evil genius Ted Stevens slipped up and revealed to an unassuming world that the internet was a series of tubes, people just assumed that he was a bit of a crook. Then he jacked his house up off the ground, inserted a new first floor, earned an FBI raid for his efforts and erased all doubt….

Ted Stevens is a supervillain.

Lucky for us, and the State of Alaska, Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich has arrived to challenge Ted Toobz and end the war, protect veterans, provide affordable healthcare, and restore ethics. Already, Begich’s fight for justice is having an effect. Though the evil and mildly hypocritcal Stevens was trying to deny veterans the very same benefits that put him through school, pressure from Begich forced him to relent and he voted with the Democrats to give military veterans the benefits they deserved.

But how to dispach this powerful and dastardly villain once and for all?

Enter mild mannered organic farmer Jon Tester, who jumped into a phone booth in 2006 and with help of $17,000 in donations from the Blue America Crew, emerged as THE SENATOR FROM MONTANA. While Ted sweats the the latest poll that shows him 5 points behind Begich (48/43), Senator Tester joins Mark in Alaska to barnstorm the state and save The Last Frontier from bridges to nowhere once and for all.

But along their journey, they decided to stop by and fill the tubes with an enormous amount of material today. Please welcome Mark Begich and Senator Jon Tester as they join us in the comments.

You can contribute to Mark’s campaign through Blue America here

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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