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Wow. Just wow.

The Des Moines Register endorsed Ed Fallon for Congress here in Iowa’s 3rd District. I had to read the piece twice.This is a bit of a shock, especially considering he’s running against an incumbent with several terms behind him (and in Congress tenure is power), a great life story as a veteran, and so on. Fallon is a progressive politician, perhaps best known in the LGBT community (if at all) for his speech 12 years ago from the floor of the Iowa Legislature– a valiant effort to stop the anti-same-sex marriage bill that is now being contested in our State Supreme Court. Otherwise,  he’s gotten all the usual grief progressives tend to get when they actually “walk the walk”. (I’ve heard people knock him for riding a bike to work, even in winter in Iowa. You’d think they were the ones risking frostbite.)

So what happened? The editorial notes that Fallon is “right” on so many issues. It seems that his ideas have actually gotten an open-minded hearing. Wonders never cease.

The primary election is coming on June 3rd, but I’ve already voted at an early voting station near my work. Go Fallon!


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