Hat tip to Brian at BlueNC for this news — homobigot Vernon Robinson, who tried and failed to unseat Congressman Brad Miller in the 13th District race here in 2006, has picked up something as a consolation prize — the “Willie” award for Worst Political Advertisement, given by progressive thinktank Growth & Justice.

Here’s what Vern actually put on the air to receive the honor; he does the NC GOP proud:

And a snippet the post I did back when that ad was first released (March 2006) is below the fold.  

The Twilight Zone-theme and music are quite appropriate in this case. This is one of the most offensive — and amusing — pieces of political theatre I have ever seen, with a picture of a fetus, then invoking the Homo AlertTM

with an image of men kissing. He moves on to “aliens,” showing spaceships, then cutting to a pic of Mexicans scaling fences. This ad packs every wingnut, unhinged Freeper cause into this one media piece.

What’s amusing is that the spot says a lot about this self-loathing black man — the fact that he’s a Republican is incidental, other than it’s the party as it exists today that kowtows to bigots like Robinson. When the announcer in the ad is bleating about not being able to “post the Ten Commandments in public or say God in public.”, it cuts the all-American white children in the picture above.

The spot immediately segues to a mug shot of Jesse Jackson and a retro shot of Al Sharpton to talk about black babies born out of wedlock and quotas. There’s no logical connection, only the juxtaposition for shock value. It’s sad.

Yes, Vern is appealing to the base of the party and its values. He even calls the ad “The Twilight Zone vs. Leave It To Beaver” —  the last shot is of the Cleaver family backing out of their driveway, going out for a car ride. The Real America.

It’s Vern’s ode to the TV lily white surburban fantasy world. In the real world, he would have been sitting at the back of the bus and chased from the whites-only lunch counter. Nice.

You can view the award ceremony where U.S. Senate candidates Al Franken and Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer announce the award, here.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding