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FDL Late Nite: This Brave Nation On Video

This primary season has been tough on progressives. Unfortunately, the dynamics of the Obama-Clinton battle have tended to highlight the somewhat disparate nature of the coalition that has been forged over the years, particularly between the racial-minority and women-voter blocs. So it’s important at times like these to remember that we’re all in this together, and have been for many years.

Robert Greenwald’s Brave New Foundation, working with the folks at The Nation, has come up with a terrific way to remind us of this. They’ve prepared a series of 30-minute documentaries, titled "This Brave Nation," which are essentially two-person conversations between major progressive figures — some new, some historic, but all of them with shared goals. The icons range from Tom Hayden to Van Jones, and include folks like Dolores Huerta, Carl Pope, Bonnie Raitt, and Pete Seeger, Majora Carter, Naomi Klein, Ava Lowery and Anthony Romero.

Starting June 1, they’ll be rolling out the documentaries with an episode per week, available in five-minute highlight videos and the full 30-minute films. The series culminates with a July 13 broadcast from Culver City, California, at which the first Brave Nation Award will be announced. They’ll also be available on DVDs.

You can get a preview at the video above or at their website.

Here’s hoping the series helps remind everyone that we have mutual goals at stake that extend well beyond any mere election cycle — even one of historic dimensions like this one.

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David Neiwert

David Neiwert

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