20070803arlingtoncemetery.jpgVia Reuters:

ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico (Reuters) – Republican presidential candidate John McCain sought on Monday to distance himself from President George W. Bush’s handling of the Iraq war, telling veterans on Memorial Day he was "sick at heart" at mistakes made in the conflict now in its sixth year.

"As we all know, the American people have grown sick and tired of the war in Iraq," McCain told hundreds of veterans and their families gathered for a ceremony honoring U.S. service members killed in conflicts.

"I understand that, of course. I, too, have been made sick at heart by the many mistakes made by civilian and military commanders and the terrible price we have paid for them," he added. [Emphasis mine]

McCain is so sick of the war that he wants to bring the troops home by 2013. But earlier this year, he was so tickled by the alleged success of "the surge" that he recommended that we stay in Iraq for another 100 years, n’est-ce pas? Is John McCain sick of the war or is he sick of negative poll numbers?

McCain is so sick of the war that he treats its veterans like redheaded stepchildren, consistently voting against improving their benefits. Last week, he chose to attend fundraisers in California rather than vote on the G.I. Bill of 2008. Is this the behavior of a man devastated by the pain and suffering of our servicewomen and men?

Because even though John McCain receives full disability benefits from the Navy, had (and still has) the best hospital care taxpayer money can buy, and bagged a sugar momma who would pay his way for the rest of his natural life (assuming he lives up to the terms of the prenuptial agreement), he doesn’t seem to believe that any other soldier should be quite so lucky as he.

Today’s platitude-drizzled address in Arizona, with Lindsey Graham (R-McCain Remora) at his side, applauding at every pause like a wind-up monkey that lost its cymbals, is proof that McCain doesn’t seem (or want) to believe that any of his prior stated positions can come back to haunt him, flip-flopping so often that a Google search for "John McCain + flip flop" returns 637,000 results. And it’s only May 26th.

I seriously doubt that John McCain is sick at heart over the Iraq War, but I do know there’s something definitely wrong in his head.



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