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A Look Around News Round-Up

Thought I’d catch up on a bit of blog and news reading, and take everyone along for the ride:

Sean Reagan dipped his toe into the flip-flopping waters of McCain. And it’s quite an interesting glimpse below the surface.

— Bush? Underwhelming. Very, very underwhelming. Sen. McCain, meet your campaign anchorman…

— Speaking of McCain, the NYTimes reports some panic among the GOP upper crusts. And lays the blame at the feet of the "lobbying labyrinth" of McCain campaign personnel. Gee, who could have seen that coming, I wonder? Is it me, or do you already sense the ground being laid for the "it’s not the GOP’s fault for all of this stinking failure, blame McCain"?

Digby calls bullshit on the "don’t blame Republicans, just blame McCain" theory, and adds fuel to the conservatism as failure fire, while tristero sounds a well-considered note of caution.

— For more on "conservatism as failure," take a gander at the new privatizing your public transportation just as gas reaches $4 a gallon nationwide rules. And then go read "Shock Doctrine" again. Jeebus, there is nothing that cannot be cannibalized for conservative crony profit, is there?

Sommerby hits the nail on the media head when it comes to bias. And then Jamo hits it out of the park regarding CNN:

But there’s another problem with Castellanos’ appearances as a CNN contributor: Castellanos is actively advising John McCain’s presidential campaign.

On March 25,’s Chris Cillizza reported that Castellanos is a member of the "McCain Ad Council" — a "group of advisers … [who] will serve as outside thinkers and strategists to the [McCain] media effort."

Not only has CNN hired Castellanos as a contributor despite his history of racially inflammatory ads, CNN has not disclosed the strategist’s relationship with the McCain campaign during his appearances — even when he favorably compares McCain to Obama.

"Most trusted name in news," my ass. And for more media failure, see Timmeh.

Al Giordano has a bit of "war room" news from John Edwards — intriguing.

This on social networks is fascinating.

— Thought I’d share a link for some healthy recipes for your BBQ/picnic.

— Go read Susie.

Swopa has some Sistani news — can you say "ouch" and "failure to plan"? I thought you could.

— I’m linking Hilzoy’s fantastic piece on McCain’s veterans benefits flipflops again. Really good stuff.

(The Bangles "Hazy Shade Of Winter" — felt like a good day for kitschy, kicky tunes. Do share what you are listening to…)

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