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Clinton Camp Stokes RFK Flap by Blaming Obama

Clinton Camp Stokes RFK Flap by Blaming Obama – The Talk

You can click the link of the WaPo story recounting how Terry McAuliffe spun Hillary’s assassination comment …”Of course she shouldn’t apologize!” – see, the comment was about the timeline, it’s too soon for her to leave the race because of the timeline, the timeline of the race that she shouldn’t leave because it’s too soon to leave the race… AGAINST WHO, TERRY?  It’s a two-person race, you bring up that assassination could be an unexpected event that could shake up a campaign, you’re in a campaign of just two people and we can safely assume you’re not talking about somebody shooting Hillary, right?

I don’t think Hillary hopes and dreams for Obama to be shot.  But her non-apology and McAuliffe’s dis-apology sound like the mob thug who says to the shopkeeper, “Say, you got a nice little business going here, you opened, what, six months ago?  You oughta think about protection, cuz it would be a shame if something were to happen to it.  I’m just sayin’…”  See, he never said he hoped something would happen to the shop, he’s just commenting on the timeline of when the shop opened and how important property insurance is.

But where I have the most fun is in reading the comments from the Hillary Clinton supporters.  Especially the ones that begin with “I’m a fill-in-the-age year-old woman who…”  Here’s one from Grace:

I’m a Hillary supporter who will be voting for McCain in the Fall. And I know many others who feel the same way. Obama is a divisive candidate. HE has divided us. And if he and his supporters think that Hillary’s supporters will just fall in line. Think again. We will be throwing our support to John McCain.

I’ll enjoy explaining this to my nieces in about eight to ten years:  “No, dears, you used to have the right to make your own reproductive choices.  But in President McCain’s term (or succeeding Vice President Jindal’s!), he put two more conservatives on the Supreme Court and they overturned Roe v. Wade.”  Then the ironic task of explaining to my young nieces, “President McCain was elected because older women who had fought tooth and nail for abortion rights when they were your age decided that Barack Obama stole the nomination from the would-be first woman president and voted for McCain in protest.  Effectively, they said, ‘If Hillary Clinton can’t break the final glass ceiling for women, then we might as well return to the back alleys.‘”

Obama has divided us by, what, taking more of the pledged delegates, super delegates, states, and votes?  Imagine where he’d be in the contest if only he weren’t so divisive, why, he might even be winning!

I used to think Hillary was running for 2012.  Now I think she really crazily is running for 2008.  Maybe she has some of Rove’s “math” where, in a five-way race with McCain, Barr, Nader, and Obama, she thinks she can pull of some electoral plurality.  I wouldn’t pull it past her to join the Connecticut for Lieberman party when the Dems nominate Obama after the primaries conclude.

Another funny comment, from Hillary Deserves Better:

It’s not Hillary that’s going to destroy the democratic party, it’s Obama and his far left Marxist ideas and his willingness to say or do anything to undermine millions of voters that have been at the core of democratic party for decades.

Aside from the incredible projection in the second half, it’s the “far left Marxist ideas” that leaves me most bemused.  Which one of these ideas is so far left and Marxist and not something that Hillary Clinton is also offering some version of?

But mostly the comments seem to be running 2-to-1 in the favor of Obama.  Like this one from Maria Sanchez:

As a Hillary supporter, up until 2 days ago, I am sickened.

I’ve donated to her, I have worked the phones, computers and numerous rallys for her. And I have even travelled to 3 different states to assist during primaries for her.

But I am completely sickened by what has happened and I feel ashamed of myself for believing so much in her.

Senator Obama, I will work hard for you if you don’t mind taking in a former Hillary supporter??

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