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Pat Buchanan is a BOLD LIAR

In an editorial opinion against California’s Court’s Decision, Pat Buchanan lies.  He comes out with out the Religious Reich’s traditional lies about “this Christian nation.”  But he goes further.

Yet, no Congress or state legislature ever voted to declare homosexual unions a marriage. The idea has everywhere been rejected.

Of the California State Legislature has TWICE passed same sex marriage laws and Gov. Arnold has twice vetoed these laws.  But that doesn’t stop Pat … he gleefully lies.

Californians have consistently expressed their opposition and voted against recognizing the idea of homosexual marriages and granting the benefits of married couples to same-sex unions.

What utter nonsense.  In California we have Domestic Partnerships which are the equivalent of marriage … a second class citizenship which is the essence of the discrimination found by the Supreme Court.  Pat is simply lying!

Here’s the full set of his lies:…

The problem in the Amendment battle is that the Right is not constrained by the truth.  Folks like Pat Buchanan gleefully and joyfully lie to make their point.  So much for bearing false witness.

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